Strategic Management

Corporate strategy, also referred to as strategic management, involves the formulation of enterprise-wide and business unit strategies and goals. We are regularly brought in to support, among others, the design of vision and mission statements, the development of strategic plans, and the setup of implementation roadmaps (which outline activities and resources required to implement the plans). Common examples of strategic advisory projects include the assessment of strategic options, support of business planning processes, and the development of growth agenda’s such as market entry strategies (when companies want to enter new regions or launch new products).

Business Model Transformation

Similar to corporate strategy, Business Model Transformation (BMI) also focuses on the design and development of future-proof strategies, with the key difference being that it spans fundamental changes in how business is conducted, often triggered by major changes in the external environment. Business Model Transformation, in addition, has a wider span than strategy, looking at a range of organisational and operational elements and how they interact to achieve a common goal; such as value propositions, customer segments, cost structures and organisational structures.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

With a focus on strategic and commercial activities in the pre-deal phase, although we are also hired in many cases to manage the initial period of the post-merger integration phase. We serve companies and investors, for instance, with building business cases to understand the economic drivers of mergers or acquisitions.

Organisational Strategy

Organisational Strategy looks at the levers an organisation needs to influence in order to, over time, deliver the strategy of the enterprise. Foremost propositions include designing organisational structures and corporate governance, assessing organisational competitiveness, developing human capital strategies and supporting strategic change management programmes. Functional Strategy involves the development of strategic plans and roadmaps for organisational functions, which can range from sales & marketing to finance, HR, supply chain, R&D or procurement.

Digital Strategies

In line with the rise of technology, digital strategies have surfaced to the forefront of strategic work, not just enabling business ambitions, but representing the crux between success and failed strategies more than ever, as a result of which the market for Digital Strategy has shown unprecedented growth of late. The service area brings together elements from strategy and IT Organisation, and spans offerings such as developing a strategy for digital operations, the design of a corporate IT or online strategy, drafting approaches for analytics or cloud transitions, as well as high-level work for technology areas such as architecture, governance and application management.